Health education

Knowledge is Power

The Knowledge is Power (KIP) program is our current active initiative. The program provides four weeks of health education classes for adolescents in El Porvenir, Honduras on a variety of health topics from child health to infectious disease to reproductive health.  Learning is interactive and based on public health education principles.  Each month-long course culminates in a community health fair where the students present health topics to the community.  

Teaching sessions are taught by local women with assistance from U.S. volunteers.



Zumba classes

We had our first zumba program for the community in 2019.  Kids and adults alike had fun and got in a workout while dancing to Latin rhythms.  We also showcased our talent at the community health fair at the end of January where the participants performed songs for a live audience.  


Providing resources

Reproductive Health Initiative

 Our newest initiative is to improve access to contraceptive methods to prevent the problems associated with the high adolescent pregnancy rate in the community.  We are in the initial stages of intervention - preparing to conduct a community needs assessment by surveying members of the community and community leaders.


Our dream

Public Health Center

 Currently in the idea phase, no work has yet begun on the public health center but our eventual goal is to provide a central, fixed location for all of Shake the World Health's programs in El Porvenir, Honduras.  We expect the center to include: education classes on chronic disease, nutrition, and other health topics, a safe place to exercise,  preventive medicine services, and for it to be central hub for community health workers as well as for community advocacy information and support.  

The public health center will use cooperative exchange to help the community afford resources by exchanging treatment for services when necessary.  Clients can "pay" for vouchers for needed services through attending education classes, helping with upkeep of the center, or providing other services or skills.  The center will also try to use local resources as much as possible to help support the local economy rather than importing material donations from foreign economies, although we recognize this will not always be possible.  

The center will be run on the ground by locals in Porvenir with coordination from the the Shake the World Health board of directors.